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Bailey Inc.

Donovan Bailey is a visionary leader with a remarkable background in business and philanthropy who founded Bailey to propel partner organizations to unparalleled heights and enable them to achieve global success. Drawing upon his extensive expertise and proven track record, Donovan recognized the immense potential for positive transformation through strategic collaborations.

At Bailey Inc, we meticulously select and collaborate with organizations that share our core principles and unwavering commitment to making a difference. Together, we embark on a collective mission to transform the world by empowering individuals and communities, and tackle pressing challenges head-on.

What sets Bailey Inc apart is our deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of these challenges. With Donovan Bailey's guidance, our team leverages his expertise in business strategy, corporate insights, and marketing initiatives to craft innovative solutions that truly make a difference. By harnessing the collective power of our partners and stakeholders, we create a synergy that amplifies our impact and ensures a lasting legacy of positive change and growth.

If you are an organization that shares our vision and is driven by a passion for positive change, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with Bailey Inc here. Together, let us create a legacy that transcends boundaries, transforms lives, and leaves an indelible mark on the world we share.

Check out some of the exemplary Bailey Inc partners below.




Biopods insoles and footwear address the underlying cause of most foot-related problems and pain, enhance athletic performance, and reduce the risk of injury.


Javelin Sports

Javelin has built the fastest-growing community for pickup sport in Ontario. Their app connects you with local players and to weekly drop in games to join.

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Arise Wearables

The Arise platform provides feedback-based rehabilitation and injury prevention training with wearable sensor-based socks. Doctors and patients can set up target metrics and receive real-time feedback on progress.


Real Estate

With a large number of real estate projects and portfolios Donovan Bailey has a diverse collection of homes and escapes available for contract to the general public, see his Jamaica estate as an example below:



Pass the baton

Pass the Baton is a fundraising and granting program to support post-secondary education opportunities for underrepresented groups pursuing a career in physical and health education or related field and quality physical activity opportunities for all children and youth.

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